Dance Classes

Dance Works Studio

Dance Works was founded in 1980 by Kathryn J. Schulte. Since its conception, Dance Works has taken pride in providing quality dance instruction and dance classes in the Grand Valley and continues to be the most respected dance studio in Grand Junction. All teachers at Dance Works are well-qualified dance instructors with extensive dance experience.

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Dance Classes in Grand Junction

We transform you from an amateur dancer to a floor breaker.

This form of dance is designed for dancers ages 3 to 4. We teach children the basic ballet steps, play movement games, and work on their gross motor skills.

Summer Dance Camp

Dance Works summer camps are open for children above four years of age. Our camps vary by theme and are a perfect summer activity for all your kids.

We Teach Our Students

  • Basic dance movements

  • Play movement games

  • Work on gross motor skills along with dance

We choose music from the movies and make them create story-related arts and crafts.

Pay the Fall/Spring Session in full & receive 10% off! No refunds.

Tuition Rates

Single Class

$  15/class


$  45/month


$  50/month/student

1 class/week

$  50/month

2 classes/week

$  85/month

3 classes/week

$  120/month

4 classes/week

$  150/month

5 classes/week

$  180/month

6 classes/week

$  210/month

7 classes/week

$  235/month

8 classes/week

$  260/month

9 classes/week

$  285/month

10 classes/week

$  310/month

11 classes/week

$  330/month

12 classes/week

$  350/month

13 classes/week

$  380/month

14+ classes/week

$  400/month

Registration: All students must pay an enrollment fee of $25.00 per student. This is an annual fee and covers the student from August through the following July. Before any student may participate in class, we must have a signed registration agreement accompanied by the registration fee and first month's class fee. The registration fee is non-refundable.

For payment purposes, classes which meet twice a week count as 2 classes/week.

Pointe classes count as 1 class/week.

*Private Lesson Rates


$  35.00


$  50.00 total


$  60.00 total

Group (4 or more)

$  75.00 total

All lessons are 30 minutes.  The above prices include choreography.  If interested, please inquire at front desk.

*Studio Rental Rates:  $30.00/hour. Current students receive $10.00/hour discount on studio rental time.