Dance Class Descriptions

Dance Classes in Grand Junction

We transform you from an amateur dancer to a floor breaker.


This form of dance is designed for dancers ages 3 to 4. We teach children the basic ballet steps, play movement games, and work on their gross motor skills.

Ballet and Pointe

Dancers are taught the Cecchetti technique (Italian school). We introduce them to other styles as well.


Jazz is a blend of Luigi, Giordano, Hatchett, Tremaine. To learn this form of dance, you need to incorporate many turns and leaps.


Designed for the exceptionally motivated student whose extra-curricular priority is dance.


This is a style of dance that incorporates either or both ballet and jazz technique, interpreting the lyrics of a song through movement.


This form of dance is excellent for developing rhythm and coordination. We teach our dancers how to articulate the feet.

Hip Hop

Students will be taught street dance styles, such as break dancing, animation, and popping in a fun and exciting environment.


This incorporates balance, strength, flexibility, and other basic technical fundamentals, and it is for those who want to learn or are interested in pursuing school dance teams or who just want to have fun!

Summer Dance Camp

Dance Works summer camps are open for children above four years of age. Our camps vary by theme and are a perfect summer activity for all your kids.

We Teach Our Students

  • Basic dance movements

  • Play movement games

  • Work on gross motor skills along with dance

We choose music from the movies and make them create story-related arts and crafts.

Non-Traditional Classes

Click here to learn more about our non-traditional dance classes!

Tribal Belly Dance

Beginning and all levels tribal style belly dance drills and intermediate tribal fusion choreography.

Ballroom Dance

Dance Magic is a studio specializing in country/western, swing, ballroom, and Latin dance instruction. The parties are all age friendly and provide a safe place to dance to all genres of music. Stop by and check it out!