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Pay the Fall/Spring Session in full & receive 10% off! No refunds.
Single Class Drop In
0.5 class/week
1 class/week
1.5 classes/week
2 classes/week
2.5 classes/week
3 classes/week
3.5 classes/week
4 classes/week
4.5 classes/week
5 classes/week
5.5 classes/week
6 classes/week
6.5 classes/week
7 classes/week

7.5 classes/week
8 classes/week
8.5 classes/week
9 classes/week
9.5 classes/week
10 classes/week
10.5 classes/week
11 classes/week
11.5 classes/week
12 classes/week
12.5 classes/week
13 classes/week
13.5 classes/week
14+ classes/week


For payment purposes, classes which meet twice a week count as 2 classes/week.
Pointe and Strengthening & Conditioning classes count as 1 class/week.

*Private Lesson Rates: Solo
Group (4 or more)
$50.00 total
$60.00 total
$75.00 total

All lessons are 30 minutes.  The above prices include choreography.  Interested individuals should speak to Miss Crystal or Miss Rachel.

*Studio Rental Rates:  $30.00/hour. Current students receive $10.00/hour discount on studio rental time.

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Single Class Drop In
1 class/week
2 classes/week
3 classes/week
4 classes/week
5 classes/week
6 classes/week
7 classes/week
8 classes/week
9 classes/week
10 classes/week
$45 (4 weeks)
$80 (4 weeks)
$105 (4 weeks)
$130 (4 weeks)
$155 (4 weeks)
$180 (4 weeks)
$205 (4 weeks)
$225 (4 weeks)
$245 (4 weeks)
$260 (4 weeks)
$56.25 (5 weeks)
$100 (5 weeks)
$131.25 (5 weeks)
$162.50 (5 weeks)
$193.75 (5 weeks)
$225 (5 weeks)
$256.25 (5 weeks)
$281.25 (5 weeks)
$306.25 (5 weeks)
$325 (5 weeks)
Call our office for our 2 and 3 week tuition rates.
Private Lesson Rates: Private Lesson or Solo
Group (4 or more)
$50.00 total
$60.00 total
$75.00 total




The cost is $125 per student per camp. Required attire is comfortable clothes and socks. Dance attire welcome! Peanut free snacks are provided. Please bring a water bottle. The students will perform for family and friends on the last day of camp at 11:45am. No registration fee. Ages 4 and up.


Ages 3-4


Ages 5-6


*Required attire for all ballet classes is leotard and tights.  Tween, Ballet IV/V, intermediate, advanced, & ballet ensemble classes must wear black leotard and pink tights.  Prefered attire for Ballet I, II, & III is black leotard & pink tights. Hair pulled off the face, preferably in a bun.

**Admission to Beg/Int Pointe & Adv Pointe is by instructor’s referral only.  For payment purposes only, this class is considered to meet 1X/wk.

Admission to Ballet Ensemble is by instructor’s referral only, and student must be enrolled in Advanced Ballet and Advanced Pointe classes. For payment purposes this class is considered to be 1.5x/week.


Ages 6-9



*Jazz shoes required for Poms. Children’s Hip Hip – Ages 6-12; Teen Hip Hop – Ages 13+; Children’s Pom & Drill – Ages 6+



*You must be enrolled in Ballet IV/V, intermediate, or advanced ballet to take this class or by instructor referral.   Jazz technique is preferred but not required.


Required attire for all competititon classes is black leotard and tan tights.
* You must also register for, and attend, recommended ballet, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, & tap technique classes.  **Admission to Dance Works Connection is by AUDITION ONLY.  You must register for, and attend, the September DWC classes.  You must also register for, and attend, recommended ballet, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, & tap classes.

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Summer Dance Camp
Tribal Style Belly Dance

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